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Welcome to Family Tree & Me! 

We create customized Family Photo Art products that are designed to showcase the family! You provide the pictures and we create the art!

We have four categories of art with a variety of options available within each one: Photo Family Trees, Photo Family Proclamations, Missionary Photo Art, and Photo Family Mission Statements.

Each art piece is individually created and printed on Fuji Film Photo Paper/Satin/archival grade -- chosen for its beautiful, vibrant colors and premium luster photo finish.

Pull together your family photographs and let us create a memorable keepsake for you and your loved ones!

We invite you to explore our pages and see what we have to offer you and your family. We delight in creating customized keepsake family photo art and would love the opportunity to make a meaningful art piece for you to display in your home. Our photo art features the people you love! They make wonderful gifts! They are enjoyed at reunions! They are attractive and eye-appealing!

There is a power in pictures that invites interest, curiosity, and interaction. Greater interest is generated in looking at great grandmother’s photo than in just reading her name and birth date on a page. Photographs also spark memories, stories, and warm feelings. Let this power in pictures strengthen your family!

We look forward to working with you as we create not only a beautiful art piece, but also a memorable conversation piece.

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