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Family Tree and Me

Custom Layouts

With a CUSTOM DESIGN, we can create a family tree to fit the uniqueness of your family structure.  For example:
CUSTOM LAYOUTS are priced at $10 per each person in the art piece.
Reprints are $25 each, unless wider than 36."  Customs can be designed up to 96" wide.

Grandparent Art:

Art that displays your posterity.  Choose a caption that is meaningful to you!

Perimeter Family Tree Art:

A Traditional Family Tree is pictured in the center of this art piece with color pictures around the perimeter.

Art displaying Ancestry & Posterity:

The featured couple is displayed along with their parents, grandparents, children with spouses, grandchildren, and sometimes great grandchildren.

Art Displaying Generations in Family Groupings:

This art features a family, the father's family with siblings, the mother's family with siblings, and the grandparents' families with their siblings.

Our LONGEST Family Tree

This 24" x 87" art piece features a couple, their families with siblings, their fathers' family with siblings, their mothers' family with siblings, and their grandparents' families with their siblings. This Family Tree won the Sweepstakes Award at the County Fair!

Special Request Art:

This 24" x 36" custom art piece gives presentation to the client's 4 years of research identifying his ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  The color boxes have text that give names, dates, which battles, with whom they served.  Connecting lines trace the lineage.