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Family Tree and Me

Generational Art

Generational Art displays Father-to-Son or Mother-to-Daughter photos in either a horizontal or circular presentation.

This art may include as many generations as you have pictures available.  Each photo will be given our company's unique signature style - the "STUDIO PORTRAIT LOOK."   We digitally enhance each photo, extracting the head-and-shoulders image out of their original background and placing them on a background similar to all the other photos.  Our goal is to make it look like each individual  went down to the same local photo studio to have their picture taken.  View Photo Enhancements - Before & After Pictures.

The size is 8 " tall and varies between 16" to 22" long.  The background is Neutral Beige.

The art comes as a print, or for an additional charge you may choose to have it mounted on black foam core board and coated with a satin-glaze laminant. 
In this manner the art does not need to be framed.  It can be placed on a small table-top easel for display. 

Generational art is priced at $10.00 per each person in the art work.  Reprints are $25 each.  Mounting is extra.

4 Generations   8" x 16"

5 Generations   8" x 18"
6 Generations   8" x 20"
7 Generations   8" x 22"

Circular Generational Art   16" x 20