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Family Tree and Me

Purchase a Gift Certificate!

Surprise your loved one with a unique, unexpected gift, that allows them the opportunity to build a customized family photo art piece to their liking!

Gift Certificates are available for all our family photo art products! (click here)

The 5”x7” certificate, printed on Fuji Film/satin photo paper, is good for 12 months -- allowing adequate time to locate the necessary photographs and/or information.

When the recipient is ready to order their product, they go to the TAB of the photo art product identified on their Gift Certificate and click on the bottom drop-down item that says: Ordering a ______."  They then follow the steps outlined on this page, excluding step #2 regarding payment procedures.  Step #1 has them fill out and submit
FORM: Create an Account.  It is here where they enter in their coupon voucher number found in the upper right hand corner of the gift card.  We will send a confirmation email which will
include a link allowing them to upload their photos to our secure file transfer site. We proceed from there to create their art piece.

The item that is purchased will be printed on the front of the card in the white tag area. If the recipient decides they want a different product than the one purchased for them, we will accommodate this request. If the new item is more expensive, then payment for the price difference will be required.