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Family Tree and Me

Ordering a Photo Family Proclamation

Please contact us if you  have ANY questions or comments.

1.  Create an account.  Fill out an submit: FORM: Create an Account.  An email will be sent to you within 24 hours with the link to upload your photos through our secure transfer site.

Make a payment.
  • Click on any of the Proclamation Image Options (found on the Family Proclamation page).
  • Scroll down through the Option choices and make your selection.
  • Click on Add-to-Cart, then Proceed-to-checkout to complete your purchase.

4.  Upload your photos.  Click on the link that will be sent to your email.  (IF, and only IF, the placement of the pictures around the perimeter of the art piece is important to you and requires a specific order, then rename each jpeg using this number system: #1 for the upper left hand corner photo; #2 for the photo to its immediate right.  Continue naming #3 to the end in this clockwise manner.  Pleae identify your companion pictures with their name, if applicable to your chosen OPTION.  If further identification is needed, such as: "Elder Smith is the 2nd elder over on the left in picture #22," you may include this in the Comments Box when transferring the photos.)

NOTE:  For maximum photo quality, review and understand the scanning guidelines and photograph instructions list on our home page.

We will create your art piece and email a draft for you to proofread and approve.