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Family Tree and Me

Ordering a Photo Family Tree

Please contact us if you have ANY questions or comments: 801.400.5802  or

1. Create an account.  Fill out and submit: FORM: Create an Account.
2. Choose your customization.  Fill out and submit: FORM: Customizing your Family Tree.

3. Make a payment.  Click the PURCHASE Tab.  Select the Photo Family Tree image and follow the instructions to check-out.
4. Send your Family Tree information.
Fill out and submit: FORM: Family Tree Names & Birthdates.  For your convenience, it is optional to download two pdf family tree outlines, worksheet #1 and worksheet #2, as a guide while you gather your family information.
5. Upload your Photos.  An instructional email will be sent to you within 24 hours with the link that allows you to upload your photos ALL at one time to us through a safe, secure third-party transfer site.

NOTE:  For maximum photo quality, review and understand the scanning guidelines and photograph instructions listed on our home page.
We will create your art piece and send an email with a low-resolution draft for you to review and approve before it is sent to the printer.