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Family Tree and Me

Ordering Generational Art

Please contact us if you have ANY questions or comments: 801.400.5802  or

1. Create an account.  Fill out and submit: FORM: Create an Account.
Make a payment.  Click the PURCHASE Tab.  Select the Generational Art image and follow the instructions to check-out.
3. Send your Generational information. Fill out and submit: FORM: Generational Names & Birthdates. 
4. Upload your photos.  An instructional email will be sent to you within 24 hours with the link that allows you to upload your photos to us through a safe, secure third-party transfer site.

NOTE:  For maximum photo quality, review and understand the scanning guidelines and photograph instructions listed on our home page.

We will create your art piece and send an email with a low-resolution draft for you to review and approve before it is sent to the printer.