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Family Tree and Me

Photo Family Trees

There are MANY ways to create a photo family tree.  Start by deciding WHO you would like pictured in your art piece.
If we don't have an example that fits your  needs - we'll design a CUSTOM one for you!

Our company's unique signature style - the "STUDIO PORTRAIT LOOK" - is what sets us apart from other Family Trees.  We digitally enhance each photo, extracting the head-and-shoulders image out of their original background and placing them on a background similar to all the other photos.  Our goal is to make it look like Great, Great Grandpa Charles and all his posterity went down to the same local photo studio to have their picture taken.  View Photo Enhancements - Before & After Pictures.

View our Family Tree Example Gallery

Let's get started in creating your keepsake art!

1. Decide WHO will be displayed in your Photo Family Tree.
2. Choose a Format. Do you want a TRADITIONAL or BUTTERFLY format?

TRADITIONAL: The generations rise upward from the main couple. Children are pictured below. 4 generations displayed.

BUTTERFLY: The generations come out to either side of the main couple. Children are pictured below. 4 generations displayed.
3. Choose an Orientation. Do you want a VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL orientation?

VERTICAL Orientation. Butterfly Format. 4 generations displayed

HORIZONTAL Orientation. Butterfly Format. 5 generations displayed
4. Choose a Color. We have 5 background colors from which to choose: Neutral Beige, Burgundy Cloud, Grove, Antique Parchment, and Tawny Parchment. View Background Colors.

5. Other Factors. Cost - The number of photos displayed in your family tree determines the cost of your order.
BASIC LAYOUTS are priced at $8 per person in the art piece; CUSTOM LAYOUTS are priced at $10 per person. REPRINTS are $25 each unless the original art is 36" or wider. View our pricing tables.

Size - The smallest and most commonly requested size is 16" x 20". The largest size for the BASIC LAYOUT is 24" x 36." If you have a frame that you are wanting us to fit, let us know and we can most likely accommodate your request.
CUSTOM LAYOUTS can be upwards to 24" x 96".
Individual only - Perhaps you only want to display one side of the family.  Here is an example:

Optional Background - For a special touch, one may choose to have a faint, line-drawn LDS temple placed in the background to emphasize that families are forever. Featured temple artist is Chad Hawkins. View temple options.
Silhouettes - When you cannot locate the picture of an ancestor, we can use silhouettes to replace the missing photos. If an entire generation is missing pictures, we recommend either eliminating the generation or just using text boxes to display the information.

For maximum photo quality, review and understand the scanning guidelines and photograph instructions listed on our home page.
 If you don't see a Family Tree example that fits your  needs - we'll design one for you!  View some of our CUSTOM LAYOUTS!