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Family Tree and Me


Family Proclamation OPTION A: 28 photo spots

This art piece features the Church-produced document, THE FAMILY: A Proclamation to the World.

Following the requirements of the Intellectual Property Office of the LDS Church, we use the original document distributed by the Church; it is not printed on the art piece or reformatted, but rather, is attached to the front of the 16"x 20" photo sheet.

This art piece has 28 photo spots around the perimeter of the art.  When a family name is used as a title, 2 of the spots are used - leaving 26 spots available for family photos.

If you prefer the placement of the pictures to have a specific order around the edge, then rename each jpeg before you upload the file to our website.  Use this number system:  #1 for the upper left-hand corner photo, #2 for the photo to its immediate right.  Continue naming #3 through to the last number in this clockwise manner.

If you are ordering reprints at the time of your first, DO NOT use the quantity button, or you will be charged full price for each additional print  Instead, order through the REPRINT product.

The art piece is printed on FUJI Film Photo Paper/Satin/archival grade - chosen for its beautiful, vibrant colors and premium luster photo finish.

The art does not come with a frame.  We recommend placing it in a frame with glass.