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Family Tree and Me


MISSIONARY PHOTO ART - large: 20" x 30"

This 20” x 30” customized art piece is designed to capture the moments and memories of the returned missionary.  It features 80 mission photos around the perimeter, a portrait shot of the missionary, photo of the mission president(s), and a map of the mission boundaries with highlighted cities/states/countries where served.  This can be further customized with the addition of a country flag(s), favorite scripture or two, companion information and/or photos, transfer information, etc. -- anything that would be meaningful to the missionary.

If you want the placement of the perimeter pictures to have a specific order, then rename each jpeg before you upload the file to our website.  Use this number system:  #1 for the photo in the upper left hand corner of the outside perimeter of pictures.  #2 for the photo to its immediate right.  Continue naming #3 through #44 in this clockwise manner.   Continue #45 through #80 starting with the upper left hand photo of the inner perimeter of pictures.

It is printed on Fuji Film Photo Paper/Satin/archival grade – chosen for its beautiful, vibrant colors and premium luster photo finish.  

A frame is not included.