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Family Tree and Me



This Gift Certificate gives the recipient the opportunity to create a CUSTOM LAYOUT Photo Family Tree, which includes Generational Art, Grandparents Art, Combo: Ancestors & Posterity Art, Extended Family Tree Art, Perimeter Family Tree Art, Families & Siblings Art, and Special Requests.

Gift Certificates are available for all our family photo art products! They provide the perfect way to surprise someone for a special occasion -- and yet allow the recipient the opportunity to build the artwork to their liking.
The certificate is good for 12 months -- allowing time to select the needed photographs. We handle all gift certificates personally, so when the recipient is ready to order their product, they just need to contact us by phone or email to place their order.
If the recipient decides they want a different product than the one printed on their gift certificate, we will accommodate their request. If the new item is more expensive than the original purchase, then payment for the price difference is required.